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Triathlon Olsztyn 2021 – Puchar Europy i Elemental Tri Series Olsztyn 2021

29 maja 2021 @ 11:00 - 30 maja 2021 @ 15:45

Elemental Tri Series Olsztyn 2021 odbył się 29-30 maja 2021 r.  Organizatorzy zapraszają nad Jezioro Ukiel po ogromną dawkę sportowych emocji!

Wyniki 2021 / Live results: Puchar Europy  | Elemental Tri Series

Kolejna edycja zawodów ETS Olsztyn 2022, Puchar Polski na dystansie supersprint 2022 oraz Mistrzostwa Europy na dystansie supersprint 2022 odbędą się 27-29 maja 2022 r. >>

Transmisja na żywo / Live video:


Puchar Europy na dobre zagościł nad Jeziorem Ukiel. W tym roku będzie to już czwarta odsłona tych zmagań z udziałem najlepszych zawodników z Europy i świata. Rywalizujący w ramach Pucharu Europy reprezentanci Polski zdobywać będą również punkty do klasyfikacji końcowej Pucharu Polski na dystansie sprinterskim: w kategorii Junior Młodszy (15-17 lat) oraz Junior (18-19 lat), a także w kategoriach U23 i Elita.

Dzień po Pucharze Europy, w niedzielę – 30 maja, w tym samym miejscu na starcie staną zawodnicy rywalizujący w ramach Elemental Tri Series Olsztyn 2021 i będą mieli do wyboru jeden z trzech dystansów: supersprinterski (0,4 km pływania, 10 km jazdy na rowerze, 2,5 km biegania), sprinterski z draftingiem (0,75 km – 20 km – 5 km) i standard (olimpijski) bez draftingu (1,5 km – 40 km – 10 km). Dodatkowo na dystansie supersprinterskim zawodnicy rywalizować będą w ramach Pucharu Polski w Triathlonie w kategoriach: Młodzik (13-14 lat) i Junior Młodszy (15-17 lat).

Dzieci wezmą udział w zawodach biegowych i w aquathlonie.
->Wyścigi aquathlonie odbędą się w dwóch kategoriach: Dzieci (9-10 lat) na dystansie: 0,1 km pływania i 0,5 km biegu oraz Żaki (11-12 lat) na dystansie 0,2 km pływania i 1 km biegu.
-> Elemental Junior. Najmłodsi sportowi adepci wystartują w biegach na dwóch dystansach: 200 m (1-6 lat) oraz na 500 m (7-8 lat).

2021 Europe Triathlon Cup Olsztyn – information in English:

 29 May, 2021 •  Olsztyn, Poland • Event Website 

Olsztyn is the largest city and the capital of region of Warmia and Mazury. In the city of 650 years history live over 170 thousands people. Most famous monuments of Olsztyn are gothic castle, Cathedral of Saint Jacob and Upper Gate located on the boarder of old city walls.
The biggest advantage of the city is its unique location among the forests and the lakes. 12 (and some people say that even 15!) lakes and City Forest – one of the biggest European park are located within the borders of Olsztyn. To accent those advantages, the vision of Olsztyn development extracts to the conception of city garden. The defensive architecture of the XIV-century’s Warmia, unrepeatable XIX- and XX-century secession and interesting performances, concerts and exhibitions – all of that cause tourists, who want cameral atmosphere and tranquillity, to seek in Olsztyn the possibility of the escape from the daily routine’s noise. Strolling through the streets of the Old City they may admire the rests of city walls, castle’s massive construction or overlooking the buildings cathedral’s copula. Facing the original astronomical plaque (totally unique hand-made by Nicolaus Copernicus!) they have a chance to feel the blow of the history and later discover its present “face” at Olsztyn’s planetarium.
Nicolaus Copernicus is the most famous person in the history of Olsztyn, where he managed goods and defended the city from Teutonic forces. Here he carried out his great researches and wrote magnificent works. Today four Olsztyn’s colleges maintain this science tradition. Over 45 thousands people study in the largest of them – University of Warmia and Mazury.
Olsztyn is worth visiting – genuinely “Naturally Garden!”.

Following the new World Triathlon COVID19 Guidelines, and the Europe Triathlon Executive Board decision a mandatory antigen test will be done by the LOC to all Elite and Junior athletes, coaches, NFs medical and support team before the race pack distribution and the various document checks and race package/accreditation distribution.

Tests will be available on Friday 28th of May, from 08:00 to 16:00. Tests will take place in Hotel Omega, Sielska 4A Street, Olsztyn. TO SMOOTH THE PROCESS, we ask the athletes and NF support team accredited to bring ID and come on time at the hour settled in a schedule which will be communicated 10 days before the event.

In case of positive result of antigen test LOC will provide possibility of PCR test, which will be made at the athlete/coach/support expense immediately after getting a positive antigen test result. Waiting time for PCR test result is approximately 24 hours.

While waiting for the test result, tested person must remain in isolation.

In case of confirmation of a positive result with the PCR test, according Polish Government guidelines, sick person have to spend 10 days in isolation or negative PCR test result.

All individuals applying for an accreditation to World Triathlon and Continental Triathlon events must respect the conditions in WORLD TRIATHLON PRE-EVENT COVID-19 SCREENING GUIDE.

To complete the Pre-Event COVID-19 Screening, you will need:
• Access to your Triathlon.org member account
• A copy of your pre travel PCR/Antigen Covid-19 test results
• A copy of your completed World Triathlon Pre Travel Medical Certificate (Athletes only)
• If you have receive a Covid-19 vaccination, a copy of your vaccination certificate
Finally all elite/u23/junior, coaches, team medical and support NF personnel must perform an
Antigenic pre-race test at the arrival in the hosting city. In case of positive result of antigen test LOC will provide possibility of PCR test, which will be made at the athlete/coach/support expense immediately after getting a positive antigen test result. Waiting time for PCR test result is approximately 24 hours.

While waiting for the test result, tested person must remain in isolation.

• PARENTS OF ALL JUNIOR ATHLETES should fill the online parental consent form at the triathlon.org website. ADRESS TBA.


Race map – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cU9gzar83AHW6VZqsHAmK2NTwkA&usp=sharing

Type: lake race
Start procedure: pontoon start
Number of laps: one
Average water temperature: 17°C

Number of laps: 4
Surface: asphalt
Quality: very good

Number of laps: 2
Surface: asphalt
Quality: very good
Penalty box location: on the inside corner of the hairpin turn, just before transition.

Prize money distribution. Elite Men and Women


Rank Men Women
1st € 1,250 € 1,250
2nd € 1,000 €1,000
3rd € 750 € 750
4th € 500 € 500
5th € 400 € 400
6th € 350 € 350
7th € 300 € 300
8th € 200 € 200
9th € 150 € 150
10th € 100 € 100

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